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InnoDynamix is a business design and innovation strategy firm. We assist our clients to navigate pivotal innovation by focusing on their core assets and strengths while managing the innovation process through the pace of change, driven by trends and emerging technologies.
Our primary role is advising and coaching within the areas of innovation, with our main focus on building innovation capacity, competencies, and capabilities.

Innovation Audits

Our innovation audits give in-depth, detailed and objective views on your current innovation capabilities in relation to your strategic objectives opening up the company and providing managers with hard facts to plan future developments.

Innovation creates competitive advantage and growth

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Innovation Strategy Programs

Our innovation strategy programs can transform your company into a future-proof, customer-centric business.

We work with our clients in developing growth strategies, innovation capabilities, and new businesses. Focusing on programs supported by realistic action plans that leverage their companies’ core assets and strengths – producing results for growth.
We believe that innovation needs to enter the DNA of all businesses and in the individual make-up of their leaders.

Our Values & Shared Beliefs

Be Innovative

We believe that achieving great things, requires an innovative mindset, a willingness to get things done, taking the right decisions and minimizing risk.

Be Open And Collaborative

We believe informed people make the best decisions. We strive to offer our clients timely, honest and accurate feedback.

Create Impact

We focus on tackling the most important problems our clients face to maximise our impact and deliver outstanding value.

Build Value

We strive to build real value for our clients, our staff and our communities.

Build Trust

We strive to become our clients most trusted consulting partner.

Follow The Highest Ethics

We conduct ourselves with the highest integrity – we take responsibility.

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