Why Be Agile?

So, why agile? The future is unpredictable, and with the world and its technology changing ever faster, it is creating greater uncertainty to our needs and requirements. Businesses that embrace agile are able to adapt faster; delivering little and often, testing the environment and remaining customer focused.


Of leaders say their business model needs a fundamental rethink for agility.


Of leaders say they understand the change needed but are struggling to act.


Of businesses will fail in the next five years because they can’t keep pace with change.

Agility Is About Accuracy - Hitting Targets on the first try

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What is an Agile Business?

An agile business is an organisation that embraces the agile philosophy and values at its core, from its people and culture, to its structure and technology. Consequently, an agile business is customer centric.
An agile business can respond quickly and effectively to opportunities and threats found in its internal and external environments (be they commercial, legal, technological, social, moral or political).
Business agility is the ability of an organisation to:
  • Adapt quickly to market changes – internally and externally
  • Respond rapidly and flexibly to customer demands
  • Adapt and lead change in a productive and cost-effective way without compromising quality
  • Continuously be at a competitive advantage
Business agility is concerned with the adoption and evolution of values, behaviours and capabilities. These enable businesses and individuals to be more adaptive, creative and resilient when dealing with complexity, uncertainty and change leading to improved well-being and better outcomes.

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