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by | May 13, 2022 | Innovation, Strategy

Regardless of the industry, one of the main measures of a company’s success is its ability to stay ahead of its market as it responds to rapidly changing external conditions and customer needs. Innovation is key to continued relevance, growth and sustainable profitability.
Successful innovation and strategy execution is never an accident but the result of regular measurement, well thought out and consistently applied strategies, actions and an internal framework that allows your business to make effective strategy execution and innovation an everyday fact. It can and should be measured in order to manage it effectively.
The hard truth is we all leave a lot of value on the table – value that we could seize with better decisions. Doing so requires a company-wide framework for making them. Specific, factual, information about what creates effective execution in the business is vital to decision making.
Managing the innovation process and for that matter the implementation of strategy requires company leaders to combine strategy, innovation and change management tools as they strive for a common understanding and clarity of the relevant goals. Innovation management is how companies grow not only faster but with higher profitability. There is a clear difference in both revenue (11%) and EBITA ( 22%) in favour of more innovative organisations
Measuring and understanding the internal performance of the company provides the key to consensus, clarity and cohesion between the firm’s capabilities and customers’ needs in a way that competitors cannot match, because ultimately, a business will only get as far as the people in the company take them.
The Innodynamix Meridian Measurement Process, uses a validated management tools and measures the degree to which the innovation process and strategic intent of the company is interpreted and understood – putting management firmly in charge of executing the business and innovation strategies in a coherent, consistent manner – greatly reducing the inherent risk of failure.

The Innodynamix Meridian Measurement Process will provide insights into:

  • Positioning the company to deliver greater impact.
  • Developing higher levels of Customer Service – innovation is about the customer.
  • Enhancing maturity and emotional intelligence of the company.
  • A reference point for your business to develop greater adaptability and versatility in times of greater competition or economic downturn.
  • Building an effective cohesive Team.
Innovation is an important activity that helps companies implement effective change in the market, in technology and competitive advantage. It spurs business’s on to take necessary action affecting their financial performance and environment. More importantly, innovation plays an important role in firm profitability because it helps firms produce new brands, strengthen their position in the market, gain competitive advantage, and boost productivity.

InnoDynamiX Management Systems

InnoDynamiX Management Systems assists companies to develop and implement an innovation process – enhancing their business’ dynamic capabilities & potential.
We offer a focused, ecosystem of business professionals and specialists, delivering outstanding management support in the pursuit of innovation and sustained relevance demanded by today’s highly competitive business markets. Our key differentiator is our dedication and unique approach to the management of innovation.



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