Great Companies Don’t Adapt – They Prepare

by | May 2, 2022 | Agile, Innovation

Companies that once dominated their industry continue to be disrupted by innovative start-ups because they kept playing the same game for too long. The challenge to management in an environment where market conditions are constantly changing means focusing on improving the now while finding the next revolution for sustained long-term growth supported by innovation.

While more and more organisations are embracing innovation in their strategies, actions and way of life many recognise the importance of innovation but don’t know where to begin or how to engage in their innovation quests and the following questions are raised time and again.
  • How important is innovation to our company and its future?
  • How do we diagnose the innovation potential of our organisation?
  • How do we clearly define the most appropriate type of innovation for our organisation and the most appropriate system to deliver it.
  • How do we clearly define the most appropriate type of innovation for our organisation and the most appropriate system to deliver it.
While innovation drivers are quite similar for all organisations, involving creative processes, structures and cultures, the strategy and concrete practice of innovation is exclusive to every organisation. It involves a deep understanding of innovation and requires forging a pathway with clear decisions, challenges and concrete actions.

An Innovation Process

Breakthrough growth isn’t about luck. It requires that everyone in the company change their mindset from “what is” to “what if”. Many companies encourage their employees to innovate but innovation without direction or a plan will not lead to business success or an improvement in performance. Innovation isn’t just one process which will be improved, but the results of capabilities existing within the business which enables ideas to be developed and scaled into solutions.
For companies wanting to achieve sustainable success an innovation management system will ensure that innovations aren’t left to chance. Innovation management shapes the structures and framework of the innovation process to ensure that potential innovation are systematically identified, ideas generated and then successfully implemented.

InnoDynamiX Management Systems

InnoDynamiX Management Systems assists companies to develop and implement an innovation process – enhancing their business’ dynamic capabilities & potential.
We offer a focused, ecosystem of business professionals and specialists, delivering outstanding management support in the pursuit of innovation and sustained relevance demanded by today’s highly competitive business markets. Our key differentiator is our dedication and unique approach to the management of innovation.



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